How to get to Morotai Island.

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here i want to make some notes to anyone who may be need this information, couse sometimes anyone comes and asking to my blog.

location: Army Dock, Morotai

I have been live in Morotai Island for six month this year, and that was fantastic opportunity for me. An island in the northenmost of North Moluccas, East Indonesia. You can see Pacific ocean from this island, heuuu. Ok, let me tellin you something that really nice to share. You can easily found some transportation to go to Morotai Island, that take place from Ternate, and also from Ternate to Morotai.

There are three alternative transportation you can use, you can go by plane, ship, or by car.

First, if you choose to use plane. There will be just one schedule that come from Ternate -Morotai. Here you are :

Ternate – Morotai on 11:55 wit (departure) – 12:40 wit (arrived)

Morotai – Ternate on 13:00 wit (departure) – 13:45 wit (arrived)

And yess, just one fleet and flight per day. It takes 45 minutes by plane, but yeah it’s quite expensive for me, and also you need to know that it takes almost 12 hours to get there from java. But it will be fine, couse you will loveee this island.

Next, i made this for you guys who loves the ocean.. just like me, and also who’s want to save some money. I would like to suggest this transportation, shipboard. Take aside fact that i want save my money, i love to do it, sailing. There is two shipboard named Geovani and Ratu Maria, here we go for the schedule :


from Ternate to Morotai

  • Wednesday : 08:30 pm until 07:00 am.
  • Friday : 08:30 pm until 07:00 am.

from Morotai to Ternate

  • Thursday : 08:30 pm until 07:00 am.
  • Saturday : 08:30 pm until 07:00 am.

Ratu Maria

From Ternate to Morotai on thursday, saturday and monday. From Morotai to Ternate on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. And the departure on 04:00 pm.

Also, for the cost you need to spend Rp 165.000,-

Next to the last stop, we can use car from Ternate to Morotai, but still need speedboat to help. “Ternate – Sofifi – Tobelo – Morotai”. Ternate – Sofifi (speedboat), Sofifi – Tobelo (car, kinda like angkot), Tobelo – Morotai (speedboat). For informations, Sofifi and Tobelo are located in North Halmahera.

You will need to spend Rp 50.000 to pay the speedboat from Ternate – Sofifi. And Rp 100.000 – Rp 120.000 to pay the car carter from Sofifi – Tobelo, also you need Rp 100.000 to pay the speedboat. You may be love it couse you can see the part of North Halmahera, and it’s more flexible than plane and shipboard.

Thats it, i will tell you immediatly if there are any new things to share. Just come, come to Morotai.

*if this article help you, just let me know 😀 thankyou

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